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Twin Flame Gridwork and Your New Life #5

Twin Flame Gridwork and Your New Life #5

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Hello!  Welcome to my fifth book "Twin Flame Gridwork and Your New Life"

In my fifth book, I teach you more about who you are, and how to elevate your life.  I cover many things having to do with deep transformation of your inner body, the Heart Connections, and the High Heart.  I teach you how to do your Gridwork in order to help the natural flow of your life and the things you may require from systems and breaking down old patterns. Gridwork is necessary for sustaining the life you require and will have in the future.  Even if you are not currently with your Twin Flame you will benefit from this book.  Includes several exercises and using Essential Oils ( available on my store at  to clear heavy energies from the past.  The things you learn in my book will further assist you in several future cycles of energy.
I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.
Patricia McNeilly
BLue Ray Twin Flame 

Allow Your Self Into Your Physical Body 
Sacred Sexual Energy Dynamics- Up and Down 
Receiving Your Higher Essence
Time Heals and Enables Metabolic Adjustments 
Clearing to Receive and Accept The Union 
Creating your Grid and Developing Your New Connections  
Your Inner and Outer Sanctuary 
Allowing Your Angel Side and Surrendering  
The Polarity Shift of The Ages 
Sensing Directions even in a High Level  
The Heart, Inner Heart and Organ Upgrades 
2 Essential Oils for Clearing Heavy Energies 
Your Nerves, Central Nervous System and Skin -what to know
Supplements To Help During your Kidney Upgrade
Water Exercise to Practice 
Inner Body Preparation 
Properly Maintaining Yourself 
Creating Physical and Emotional Intimacy 
Thank you!