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Twin Flame Body eBook 1 Subtle Body Connections©

Twin Flame Body eBook 1 Subtle Body Connections©

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Hello! This is the first book in a four book series.  This book is to introduce people to the real feel and information behind "twin flames".  what it is all about.

This first part addresses your shared connections through your subtle body.

I include an instruction on how to begin priming yourself open through your channels.  This is done through Breath Work and breathing primers

there is a segment on sleeping in your light body, to help with the process. when you feel insomnia or struggle in the night with staying awake and falling back asleep.

What this means and what to do about it.

Table of Contents:

 Your Twin Flame Journey

Encountering your Twin Flame

Where the Twin Flame Actually is

Reasons why Twin Flames have broken up

The "Runner" Returning

Twin Flame Awakening

The Keycodes you Hold Within

The Old Light Body compared to the New

Keys to Higher Love

The First Primer for your New Level - Breath

Breath - Air Aspect of the Essence of You

Hug Me Hold Me - Channel Opening Primer

The Elevation of your Physical Experiences

Old Limited "Sex" and True Love

Love and True Love

Dynamics of Sex and Why Duality exists

Electric and Magnetic Provides Alchemy to Many aspects of Love

Same Sex, Gay, Lesbian, or Indeterminate Couples

5D Union, Unifies you each from right above you

Cosmic Connections, The Being you Are is Unfolding

Your Love is Travelling back In to you

3D Sex is Powerful yet not at Level of Sacred

Ascension and Other Levels

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Channel Opening Exercise to Open your Magnetic

Beginning to Commune with your Twin Flame

Connecting everything together

A New Life

Thank you for being here!

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