You've Merged! Start Reconnecting your New Chakras!

Twin Flame Ascension Inner Healing

Twin Flame Ascension Inner Healing

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My Fourth book will teach you and answer many of your questions.  I outline several daily routines to begin in order to clear your lower chakras, gastro area and past lives.  There are 29 Chapters with information and instruction.

Love is A Multidimensional Experience

Your Ability to Heal -Detoxification

Ancient Times Taught About the Subtle Bodies

Your Body’s Systems and The Higher Sequence

Phantom Feelings And Sensations - It’s Real And It’s Past...

Etheric Body Connection to your Mental and Emotional Body

Daily Living - Day In and Day Out

Being at Work Daily or Around Other People

Natural Hygiene and Intermittent Fasting

People Who Have Food Sensitivities

The Oscillation Effect and Creating it Within

Moon Energies, Time Shift and Time Crunches

Cravings, Food Necessities, Nutrients and How to Tell

Supplement and Stacking Nutrients to Assist Growth

Juicing and The Live Principle

Relationships to Foods and Mini Fasts &  Reintroducing Solid Foods

Water and Electrolyte Balance

Bridging the Light Body and Proper Nutrients

Outline for Daily Living 81 Teas and Supplements to Help

Ego Re-Integration and The Etheric Body

Your Heart, The Connection to Your Health

Use of Essential Oils and Soaps

Rose Essential Oil To Heal

Prime Your Day and Bring Up Sacral

Twin Flame Prayer to Release Soul Mates

Awareness Of The Body Is Paramount