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Twin Flame Ascension & Breath©

Twin Flame Ascension & Breath©

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My latest ebook! In this second book, I teach you about the beginning awareness of the Light Body.  Within this are the following topics:

  1. A Glossary of common and confusing terminology
  2. Love, Twin Flame Love and Life
  3. Being Guided  
  4. Your Ascension
  5. Ascension Symptoms, what are they?
  6. Healing, Activations, and Symptoms
  7. The Etheric Body: Sensing, Feeling , and Experiencing
  8. Your Etheric Body and the Old Paradigm Structure
  9. The Etheric Body 
  10. Current Time, Timeline Shifts, and Ancient Lines
  11. Feeling Crazy as well as Strange
  12. Sex, Sexual Energy and Urges
  13. Actively being Sexual and Masturbation
  14. You have levels of Yourself
  15. High Heart Body Channels
  16. Breath, Breathing properly for your Light Body
  17. Proper Breathing and Relief
  18. Etheric Breath and Exercise
  19. Instruction Diagram
  20. Movement and Breath go together
  21. Move it or ”Lose” it
  22. Walking helps your Inflow Channels to Open

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Please enjoy

Patricia McNeilly

Blue Ray Twin Flame