You've Merged! Start Reconnecting your New Chakras!


Penelope... Patricia’s wealth of rich material (her sessions, webinars and exercises) has been my focus and education, explaining and enabling the Divine Truth of our process and Purpose. Patricia is a treasure of grounded Love. I am safe with her because she sees and feels me with her Heart, rare in this world of Mind. 


Katy...Patricia is hands-down one of the best resources for understanding subtle body energetics. Her information and exercises she has developed are channeled with such authenticity that one's energy is cleared, aligned and refined just by watching her channel, webinars, sessions and support materials she has developed. Patricia guides without enabling and is an outstanding and empowering teacher. 


Michelle...Patricia, your guidance is a gem amidst the coal. Patricia's guidance about the body is beyond this realm and I know this because I have learned this as well. Do not doubt the truth that Patricia shares with you. She holds the key to unlocking your development in this crazy ride. Thank you Patricia you have helped me a lot and for this I am grateful.


Anna...I've purchased just about all of the webinars and, when the intuitive impulse hits me, I revisit any particular webinar that I'm lea to which seems to always address my ever evolving needs. Enough can't be said about Patricia as a person; I am often in awe of her givingness, saintly patience and kindness.


Elizabeth...She is spot-on accurate about what twins are experiencing due to the world-wide energies as well as within our own individual unions. Patricia has been there for me with clear insights and guidance, and tremendous support in our private sessions. Patricia is a safe, very supportive, straight-forward, connected, grounded, warm, and caring teacher and guide for twin flames. She is a very generous person of integrity and I trust her.